Sunday, March 1, 2015


In true Amber fashion, I have made it to the midpoint of the semester, and I hit another wall. Just like last semester, I was truckin right along and then midterm hit me in the face.

I got to school Monday feeling just highly emotional for some reason. Simulation did not go well, and I was extra sensitive, and I began to cry at school.

I quietly walked out of the classroom to go cry in the bathroom and then get myself together. Then when I came back into the room, I again quietly slipped into the back row. My teacher then drew attention to me by asking if I felt better...and that just really rubbed me the wrong way.

Nothing is worse to me than crying at school and showing that vulnerability. I changed from emotional to straight up pissed. I packed my stuff and walked out.

By the time I got to my car, my husband had been texting me about Caleb's broken bracket (the dentist was off for the next three weeks and couldn't get it fixed), and the school had called me about Caleb's behavior. I lost my mind in the car and cried super hard all the way home. Josh came out into the garage as soon as I drove up and just hugged me and let me cry. I sat on my couch and kept crying and for some reason, I juts couldn't stop.

My classmate Michelle called me to check on me and I cried the whole time we were talking. It lasted like 45 minutes. That is just ridiculous for me. And then Caleb's school called me again to let me know that he was going to have detention the next day for scratching the desk.

Thankfully, Josh was home from work that day and took Caleb to get his braces pseudo-fixed and was able to pick him up from school after detention.

My friend, Crystal brought me flowers after my mental breakdown. How sweet is that?! I don't deserve that!

Then Jansen came home with a note from two of his teachers saying he had about 30 missing assignments, and by the way, they were going to be due the following week.

I had to study for two tests that night, and honestly, that just didn't happen. I was so off my game, that I made an 88 on my med surg exam (I should have only missed one) and a 95 on a freaking open book mental health exam (I totally skipped answering a question)!

Then Wednesday and Thursday was just a straight up stressful two days at clinical at the nursing home. This week could not end quick enough. THEN to top it off, Thursday evening I got sick. I ran fever for two days and today I am finally starting to feel better. But I had to get all my work done for Monday while I was sick. I did my best and I hope it is good enough. We will find out tomorrow.

Silver lining, I got sick over the weekend and didn't have to miss school. Thank God!

Thank the Lord that there are only 4 days of school and clinical standing in between me and Spring Break. Nursing school is not for the faint of heart. This is some serious stuff!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day breakfast

Let's finish up this love fest with Valentine's Day breakfast.

My husband is on a cook-off team and was spending the weekend in a camper at the cook off, so we didn't even see each other. But really, we don't celebrate Valentine's Day. It's ok. I love him. He knows it. I know he loves me. We are good. No stuffed animals, flowers, or chocolates needed.

BUT! I do like to do cute things for my kiddos.

AND Valentine's Day was on a Saturday this year, so really I had no excuse.

This table was set up the night before...

And then I made this for breakfast...

And this was Caleb's face....

And this was Jansen's face....

And all was right in the world. Happy Valentine's Day, my loves!!!!

Owl Valentine bag...

At the almost very last minute last week, my son informed me that he had to have some kind of bag to put his school valentines in.

Um, I am not a stay at home mommy anymore. This kind of stuff used to be the type of thing I would look forward to and plan for weeks.

Not that I don't love it, but being a full time nursing student doesn't leave much time to craft these days.

So after finishing my research paper, I asked Jansen what he wanted to do. He looked at a few pictures and said, "I want a red owl bag."

Thank goodness I had some leftover red bags from one of the kids' birthday parties and was able to scavenge some decent pieces of construction paper and some glue.

At 10:30 last week, I was in my closet office making this....

But he is cute, Jansen liked him, and all of his stuff fit in it. And it only took me about 15 minutes.

Stick a fork in me. I'm done!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Minecraft Valentines

Normally I am a fan of non-candy related Valentines to be handed out by my children to their classmates. This is Jansen's final year in elementary school, which means it is the last year to hand out little Valentines, and since I am neck deep in nursing school chaos...well, I bended the rules.

It was quite the temptation, having dozens of Hershey bars sitting in my kitchen, let me tell ya.

Anyway, Jansen loves Minecraft, and honestly, who doesn't? I found this Minecraft image on Pinterest and proceeded to print tons of them off to attach to candy bars. It helps that these are Jansen's favorite candy as well.

He loves them. And they aren't too girly. That is always my kids' complaints. "We can't make anything too girly, Mom!"...followed by the eye roll, or a huff, or a groan.

Just for fun, let's visit some of the other Valentine ideas we have done in previous years, edible and non-edible.

Jansen did these in Kindergarten...aliens for boys and butterflies for girls

Caleb did these in 2nd grade (I think) and did pink flowers for girls and blue flowers for boys.

One year, they both gave glowsticks and then each sent snacks for a Valentine party. (Dipped oreos and rice krispy treats).

Another year they sent bouncey balls and more snacks for the party (white chocolate dipped heart Peeps).

Then another year, they sent rock star sunglasses. That year, I was assigned drinks for the Valentine party, so no goodies that time.

Oh boy...just looking back at all the fun and cute things we did during elementary is making me a little misty-eyed. Sunrise, sunset....

Anyway, Valentine's Day is this weekend everyone. Make sure you are prepared to love on your peeps!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Physical therapy/transport in service

Things are getting pretty serious up in here. We had orientation for our clinical sites: the hospital in Lake Jackson, the hospital in Angleton, and a nursing home in Clute. YIPES!!!!!!!!

Last week was bizarre, as it is seeming like our schedule changes week by week. I know this is something to get used to as nursing is ever changing. The only thing that is a sure thing is CHANGE!

But, we did get to have a pretty cool in service on transportation last week.

Unfortunately, I asked if we could take pictures close to the end of the in service so I didn't get photos of everyone practicing our skills on each other.

The medical industry is fascinating! The things we learned, just super cool. I can't wait to get started in clinicals this week...although I am really nervous. No way I am going to show it though. I am totally going to fake it until I make it, or make a mistake. Then I will probably freak out. Please don't let me make a big med error!!!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

First Solo and Ensemble Performance

Trombone success for my son!

This evening was his very first ever Solo and Ensemble competition. He and his partner, Kevin, played Doodle All the Way, and might I say, he did a pretty good job.

He got some great feedback from the judge. He told the boys that he was aware that they started off a bit rocky, but corrected themselves, and did much better on the second part. He told them that they came prepared, had a good ear for music, and were on their way to being successful band members. He wanted the boys to work on putting more air through the trombone to make the sound stronger and more consistent. Good note.

I was concerned at first, because Caleb came home with a cut lip from an unfortunate locker-meets-face situation. Playing the trombone with a fat lip is pretty difficult. But he never complained, felt very confident, and was proud of his performance. He finds out the results on Monday.

His progress continues to make me so proud. I really want to try to focus on the positives and meet him right where he is today. That's difficult to do with Autism because I can really see the difference in him and his peers. But right where he is awesome!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Monster Jam!

Back in the day, our oldest son, Caleb used to be OBSESSED with Monster Jam. Like more than obsessed. Is there anything more than obsessed?

He was first introduced to Monster Jam when he was about 3 years old. This was when we noticed something was seriously different about this kid. He would spend hours and hours outside drawing monster trucks with chalk, labeling them, and writing out the driver's names. That's right, folks. At 3! He knew every truck, every driver's name, and you absolutely couldn't say that Dennis Anderson drove Monster Mutt or something ridiculous like that. You were not allowed to match the wrong driver with the wrong car. You would be super sorry for that!

Que this mom thinking my child was some kind of weirdo/genius combo. It turns out, he is Autistic, so that makes a lot of sense.

Anyway, I say all that just to let you know that he was into it hard core from about 3 to about 9. We went to all the Monster Jam shows that came to Houston. We even took our family vacation to Las Vegas the year he turned 7 because Monster Jam World Finals was on his birthday there that year. We met all the drivers. It was so worth it.

He has kind of let that go over the past 3 or 4 years. But this's back.

We got some great seats and took the boys to see Monster Jam at NRG Stadium last weekend.

We had fun, but didn't know any of the trucks. They were all new. Wait, I take that back. We knew Gravedigger and Monster Mutt Dalmation. It was sad not to see Max D, Superman, TMNT, Escalade, El Toro Loco, Avenger, and all the others we had grown so accustomed to.

But we had fun. These kids were happy, and we had some family fun time.