Sunday, December 14, 2014

Richwood Christmas in the Park

Jansen was supposed to sing in a program at Christmas in the Park this year, and wasn't feeling too hot, so he decided not to go.

Honestly, we had a party that same night so I wasn't really going to fight him on it.

About an hour after it started, I asked Caleb if he was for sure that he didn't want to which he acted like I had never asked him and said, "Of course I want to go!"

So he and I walked two blocks to the park so that he could experience some Christmastime joy.

We waited in line for Santa...because if you don't believe, you don't receive.

He roasted marshmallows.

He ate cookies and hot cocoa.

We went home and he was gushing to Jansen about everything he missed and yet Jansen seemed unphased. HRMPH!!!

Oh well. I'm glad we went!

6th grade band concert

Our Caleb had his very first band concert this week and might I say, it was adorable. 

He is a trombone player. Tiny, tiny Caleb is a big, big trombone player and it is adorable to watch. 

The place was packed and there was a toddler behind us screaming the entire concert, but it was great to watch how excited and confident he was playing those short Christmas songs!

I was able to snap a few pictures before, during, and after. Cuteness, your name is Caleb!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Husband's Work Christmas Party

This year is the first year that my husband and I have gone to one of his work parties, and I am so glad we did.

My husband works for Dow Chemical as a Process Operator. He works both outside and inside on the board. I am so proud of him and what he has accomplished at work!

Anyway, Dow owns a plantation home in an upscale part of our town called Lake Jackson Farms. Here's the backstory.

Our town, Lake Jackson, was essentially founded based on Abner Jackson, who owned a sugar mill plantation in that area post Civil War. The lake was named after him, and a recreation of his plantation was built many years ago as a historical preservation effort.

Let me just say, I had no earthly idea that this place existed. Pulling into the parking lot underneath these giant, old trees, and looking at the fabulous Plantation House, I was having a Gone With The Wind moment!

I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was too busy meeting his coworkers and trying to remember everyone's names and job titles.

We had a really great time. I had been chit chatting with a man for about 10 minutes, having a great, fun conversation, and when I found Josh again, I asked what his name was again. He informed me that was his boss. I did it again later, as I was having a wonderful conversation with a totally fun woman, and was later informed that she was the Director of his block and several other blocks. She was basically his boss's, boss's, boss.

Josh has a lot of great coworkers. It was so nice to get out with my husband and spend a fun evening together. I can't wait until next year's party.

Outdoor Christmas decor

The inflatables are up at our house!

The kids are so happy with them. My husband has been working so much, but on his turnaround day, he was at least able to get the inflatables up in the yard.

This year, since my in-laws moved to Bandera, and Meemaw just passed away, we are consolidating some holiday celebrations and will be hosting the family at our house.

I am nervous, but excited about it. I just want things to go well and I want the house to be decorated nicely. Our house is modest in size and totally meets our needs, but isn't really the best size for tons of people.

Good thing I have a week to prepare!!!

Final days of Nursing School-Fall 2014

Breathe a sigh of relief for a whole month! YES!

This semester of nursing school is over. Finished. Done. In the books!!!!

I am so happy that this semester is behind me. It was bittersweet to leave the group yesterday, but I will see everyone in one short month, hopefully refreshed and ready to tackle the next semester.

The thing I am most proud of this semester is my comeback with the professor that I lost my mind with in October. In order to finish out Health Assessment, our final was to complete a Head to Toe Assessment with one of three professors looking on, silently judging, I mean grading us.

I watched videos, reviewed my notes from the semester, and finally came up with my own system for completing the assessment. I practiced on Jansen, consulted with other students to get feedback, and prayed.

I walked in feeling anxious, but really comfortable with my style and the amount of information learned. As I went through the assessment on my patient, each time I made eye contact with that professor, she would look down and write notes. It was nerve wracking, and she is so thorough, that I just wanted to make her proud of what we had learned this semester. Once finishing, I asked her if I had missed anything, or if she had any tips on ways that I could improve. She recommended that I hold my penlight further from my patient's eyes when testing EOMs, which makes total sense. I don't want my patient to be cross eyed! She didn't grade them, but just turned them in to my HA prof.

After my Skills final yesterday, I asked to see the grade sheet from the assessment the day before so that I could get some feedback. That woman gave me a 100!!!! She had made notations of all the positive things that I did and wrote really encouraging feedback on my level of professionalism and preparedness. HOLY COW! I felt like I could levitate. It was an awesome feeling to get such encouragement from a really difficult professor. She just really wants us to know our stuff and wants to feel confident in our abilities as a student nurse. I can totally respect that.

So yesterday, I checked my grades.....I got a 4.0!!!!! It may never happen again but this semester, I got straight A's!!!!! Thank God for His direction and favor!!!!!

I cannot wait to get life back in gear, get my house in order, spend time with my family and friends, and not think about nursing school for a while. Life is so good!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nursing school gifts

We only have one more day left of the semester and today was the day of Head to Toe assessments. Mine took me 20 minutes but I am pretty sure that I totally rocked it. Thank goodness. Hopefully final grades will be in by the end of the week. 

Anyway, I wanted to do a little something for my classmates, since we often spend more time with them than our own families.

I printed out a little Christmas saying. Then I went to Walmart and bought candy cane boxes and some packets of hand sanitizers with jelly holders. I hung them on our computer cabinet and invited everyone to take one of each. These are so needed because hand hygiene is of utmost importance in nursing AND we cannot have any kind of scented gels, lotions, or perfumes. These are un scented. 

I hope my classmates have a really blessed holiday and I am a bit sad that I won't see them for a whole month. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Grandmother's Passing

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their good thoughts, prayers, and kind words during the time that Josh's grandmother was in hospice. Sadly, she passed away on Wednesday.

My in laws came down from Bandera to stay a few weeks while she was in hospice at home and I am so glad they did. My mother in law needed time with her mother before she passed.

It was an experience to watch this woman transition from this life to the next. I was able to spend some good time with her and help out a bit...although not as much as I would have liked since I am in school.

I have no grandparents left. They have all been gone for longer than 10 years. My husband has all of his grandparents. Three sets actually, due to a divorce and remarriages. They are all wonderful people. They all welcomed me into the family almost 14 years ago and became my family as well. I am thankful for each one of them.

Meemaw was a giver. She gave of herself, her time, her talents, and was an amazing woman. Josh had a great relationship with her. My boys had a really good relationship with her. I am so happy that they were able to have her as a great grand mother for 11 years.

We will miss you Meemaw.
My mother in law and Meemaw at my engagement lunch in 2001

Josh's grandmothers and I at my wedding shower

This one is at my wedding tea...Josh's grandmothers including my amazing Mamaw on the left!

Meemaw, my mother in law, my mom's friend Claire, my mom, and I all working on wedding favors at Meemaw's house

My college graduation from Texas A&M, summer 2001

Josh's grandmothers and I at my baby shower for Caleb

Caleb's birth

Caleb and my nephew Nathyn being forced to love each other by Meemaw and my mother in law.

Caleb's first Halloween with Meemaw and Pawpaw

Celebrating Caleb's first birthday!

Awaiting Jansen's birth

Spending countless Easters giving candy!

Celebrating tons of birthdays!

Celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary

Spending family time together

Spending so many Christmases together

More family time