Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fishing trip

My in laws are back in town for a few days and they brought their camper. They invited us to their site for a little family get together and to teach the boys how to fish. 

Um, it was hot. Like over 100 degrees hot. Every time you stepped out of the camper, you instantly started sweating. Not cool!

But the kids had a great time. 

My husband taught them how to bait their hooks, cast, and reel it in. At first, it was a little boring. 

But they got the hang of it. 

Jansen caught a fish with the help of his dad. 

Caleb hadn't caught anything in about an hour, and was determined to stay out there until he did. In the end, he caught 4 fish...catch and release.

They had fun.

Good family times!

Intermediate school Meet the Teacher

Tuesday was Meet the Teacher for my oldest, who will be in the 6th grade. 

Boy are things going to be different this year. 

This year, kids are assigned "teams" and Caleb was assigned to the University of Houston team. Evidently, each team is split into an A group and a B group and will only have two teachers for their core curriculum. So Caleb will have one teacher for math and science, and then his whole team will go to another teacher for Language arts and History. Then they all go to lunch and split up for their fine art class and PE class. I don't know how I really feel about this, but if Caleb is cool with it, then I am cool with it. 

He is really excited to get back into a school routine!

And here he is representing his team, U of H, University of Houston!

Fingers crossed for a positive and productive school year. :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

My little 4 eyed brace face...

Our oldest, Caleb, is in intermediate school and this has definitely been the year of the pre-teen for him. 

In March, he got glasses. He picked out some really nice ones, although they weren't what I would have picked, but I digress...

And today, he got his braces!

He was so excited. 

But he also got a palate expander, which he is not getting along with. 

His teeth are just a bit sore, and he is getting used to having some extra saliva and talking a bit funny for the time being....but tonight's dinner was not fun.

He wanted Chick-fil-A, which I told him wouldn't be easy to eat...Well he got home and kept getting food stuck in it, and was having problems swallowing. 

After reassuring him it would take practice like 100 times, and after he cried, "I'll never eat again!" we went to the store and stocked up on ice cream, popsicles, puddings in various flavors, and jello. I told him for the next few days he could have whatever of those things he wanted, as often as he wanted. 

It's a Christmas miracle...the kid is happy. 

This will be an adventure in responsibility for the next two years...but he is so dang cute in those braces. In 3-6 months he will get the bottom ones and hopefully around his birthday, he will get the expander off. That will be a blessing!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to school supplies

Even though I just got out of school two days ago, my boys and I are looking at the Fall semester right in the face. 

We spent some time on Friday going through both of the school lists and making sure that each child had all their supplies ready. 

This year, my oldest, Caleb will be in the 6th grade and year #2 at Clute Intermediate. GO COUGARS! This will be his first year in band playing the trombone so he needed a few extra supplies for that as well. 

My youngest, Jansen will be in the 4th grade at Polk Elementary. GO PANDAS! His final year! His school supply list was pretty lengthy but I think we got it all. 

This year seems a bit bittersweet to me because it is Jansen's final year at Polk, and it is the end of an era. We have had a child there since 2007! I have been the Vice President of the PTO for 2 years and the President for 2 years, and now I am done. It is a bit sad that Jansen's last year, I will be fully submerged into nursing school and won't have as much time to volunteer, or be at parties, etc. 

He seems ok with it. Hopefully. 

One more week to go until the 2014-2015 school year officially begins. Where does the time go?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last day of the first semester of nursing school

What a trip!

Today was the last day of the Fundamentals of Nursing!!! Yippee!!!

This semester took some getting used to. I had little sleep, lots of work, a ton of stress, and needed a little caffeine 

but it is officially over for the semester.

This semester we got mentors...and mine is awesome! She gave me all these goodies and has provided a lot of great advice.

I finally got a cleared background check from the Board of Nursing.

I was super blessed with a $1,000 scholarship to be split between the Fall and Spring semesters.

We completed a bunch of assignments, including outlining almost the entire ATI book, 

took five tests, one of which we could use one notecard,

wrote a research paper and did a presentation on eugenics...and now grades are in. I got an A! Yay!!!

This group of people are going to be my family for the next two years!

And, when I got home to spend my lovely next 10 days out of school before Fall semester begins...these were waiting for me, staring at me, scaring me for the Fall...


Monday, July 28, 2014

Tales from La La Land

Well that was a fun little week. I deluded myself into thinking that I was totally fine and on top of all of my assignments. 

In reality, I am close, but not close enough. 

My first test grade was an 86, which is a good grade. It's just not what I am used to getting. I can guarantee that the format of the test resulted in me getting 2 or 3 questions incorrect. 

The tests are set up online, in a similar format to the NCLEX. They are preparing us for this major licensing test from the gate. I appreciate it, but it is going to take some getting used to. 

Essentially, once you log on, you click on the test, and it begins. It's multiple choice, and you must choose and answer to go on. You are not able to go back. 

There were a few questions that I just wasn't quite sure of the correct answer, and then further into the test, I knew the answer but was unable to go back and change it. 

So knowing that now, I am going to take my time and really think about the answers, knowing that I only get one shot. 

If I get a B in this class, I will be ok with it. It's not what I want, nor is it indicative of the amount of effort I have put into this summer term, but it will be ok. 

Exam 2 tomorrow. First mental breakdown last week complete. Studied all weekend. Exhausted. Hungry. Anxious. Started exercising every other day. HANGRY. Need an A on tomorrow's exam. Please dear sweet me out!

Monday, July 21, 2014

On the eve of my first nursing school exam, I am taking stock of how things are going for me. 

And I must say, things are going well. 

Last year, when I took Microbiology, the thing that stuck with me the most was the need to get organized and have a system. I vowed to start to and stick with a system every semester, to help me keep my sanity. 

That system includes the wiggle room for when things go way wrong or when something crazy happens. 

This system is working very well for far. 

The first day of school, I took the 29 page syllabus and spent about an hour at home planning short and long term goals. I looked ahead at my calendar to see what things were already scheduled and worked school around it. 

The first thing I did was to write all the important due dates in my planner. That is a given. Everyone knows to do that!

The second thing was to plan out my semester on notecards in the form of weekly goals. I gave myself deadlines for when I would like to have tasks completed so that when something comes up, I had built in room to breathe. Here is what the first week's note card had written on it:

AF homework for Chapters 8, 9, 10, 28 due by 17th
Prep U quizzes for Chapters 8, 9, 10, 28 due by 17th
Study for Exam #1 on July 22 covering Chapters 1-5, 8-10, 28 Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
   (3 Chapters each day with Monday as a review day)
Notebook outlines for ATI Chapters 2, 6, 9, 16, 17, 32 due by the 17th
Look ahead to skim next week's chapters and ATI outlines

Now, was everything due on the 17th? No. But that is when I wanted to be finished so that I could study and move on. Not to mention, I had plans for this weekend (that all got rained out incidentally). 

So, while I feel like I am doing a ton of work during the week, I don't feel overloaded because I have my weekly goals. I can see what needs to be done this week, next week, and so on. If I get things done early, then that is fantastic. I move on and start tackling things for the following week. 

The very last thing I ever want to do is think things are going well, and that I will have plenty of time to complete assignments when I don't or won't...or we get thrown a surprise assignment or project. It happens all the time, and I will not be freaked out by it. 

There is a bit of nervousness about the test tomorrow, but overall, I feel prepared and confident. I am sticking to my goals, making head way, and being very organized. Hopefully this organization will help lesson the stress, frustration, and overall freaked-outed-ness that happens in school every semester. 

Oh and by the way...I found out Thursday that I got $1,000 scholarship. Did I mention that?! YEAH!!!!!